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8 February 2019

*NEW VIDEO* “Phoenix” OUT NOW!!!

*PHOENIX IS OUT!* For everyone who has suffered from a toxic or an emotional abusive relationship and has…

4 January 2019


+++SPANISH TOUR DATES!+++ SPAIN we are so happy to announce that we are going to visit your beautiful…

21 November 2018


JAPAN! We are excited to tell you, that our album “Phoenix” is being released in your country today…

17 November 2018

*NEW VIDEO* Angel’s Suicide live @ColosSaal Aschaffenburg

This one is for all of you who made our release show a night to remember and for…

24 September 2018


Being trapped and imprisoned by your own mind, body & soul.. Lullaby is for everyone who has experienced…

20 September 2018

Making Of “Falling Away”

We would like to share some funny moments and behind the scenes material of our video shoot for…

7 September 2018


“And as the air escapes my lungs, we’re hiding in oblivion..” This song is about mortality and the…

10 August 2018


With our first single "Falling Away" we wrote a song about anxiety and depression, a topic society has…

26 July 2018

“Phoenix”, out on September 28th

"PHOENIX" OUT ON SEPTEMBER 28TH!! We are very proud to share with you, that after lots(!) of work…

10 July 2018

Record deal & debut album announcement!

One of the most important things in the music industry is to find the right partners who believe…

Debut album “PHOENIX”

Out on September 28th!

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